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Anti Vibration Pads

Anti Vibration Pad

Anti Vibration Pads

We are the Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Anti Vibration Pads and our setup is situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

An anti-vibration pad is a specialized cushioning material designed to reduce or eliminate vibrations and shocks transmitted through machinery or equipment.


Vibration reduction: The primary purpose of anti-vibration pads is to minimize vibrations, which can improve the performance and lifespan of equipment.

Noise reduction: By reducing vibrations, these pads also help in reducing the noise generated by machinery or equipment.

Protection: Anti-vibration pads provide a protective layer between the equipment and the surface it sits on, preventing damage to both.

Stability: They enhance stability by reducing movement and slippage of equipment during operation.

Comfort: Anti-vibration pads can improve the comfort level for users by reducing vibrations and associated discomfort or fatigue.

Maintenance: By minimizing vibrations, these pads can help reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.


Durable material: Anti-vibration pads are typically made from high-quality rubber or other resilient materials that can withstand heavy loads and prolonged use.

Anti-slip properties: They often have a textured or patterned surface that enhances grip and prevents equipment from sliding or shifting.

Easy installation: These pads are usually designed for easy installation and can be placed under equipment without requiring complex procedures.

Size variety: Anti-vibration pads come in various sizes to accommodate different types and sizes of equipment.

Versatility: They can be used in a wide range of applications, including HVAC systems, generators, compressors, washing machines, and more.

Resistant to oils and chemicals: Many anti-vibration pads are resistant to oils, chemicals, and other substances, ensuring their durability and effectiveness in various environments.

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