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Chevron Packing Sets

Chevron Packing Set

Chevron Packing Sets

We are the Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Chevron Packing Set and our setup is situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

A Chevron packing set, also known as a V-ring packing set or chevron seals, is a sealing solution consisting of multiple V-shaped rings arranged in a stack. These rings are designed to provide effective sealing and prevent leakage in dynamic applications, such as hydraulic cylinders and rotating shafts.


Advantages:Excellent sealing performance: Chevron packing sets offer high-quality sealing, minimizing fluid or gas leakage even under demanding operating conditions.

Versatility: They can be used in both low-pressure and high-pressure applications, making them suitable for a wide range of industries.

Adaptability to misalignment: Chevron packing sets can accommodate slight misalignments between components, ensuring continuous sealing performance.

Resistance to extrusion and wear: The V-shaped design and use of resilient materials in chevron packing sets provide resistance against extrusion and wear, resulting in extended service life.

Dynamic sealing capability: These packing sets are specifically designed to maintain effective sealing during dynamic movements, such as reciprocating or rotating motions.


V-shaped rings: Chevron packing sets consist of multiple V-shaped rings made from materials like rubber, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), or other elastomers, which offer flexibility and resilience.

Stackable design: The individual V-shaped rings are stacked together to form the complete packing set, providing multiple sealing barriers.

Anti-extrusion rings: Some chevron packing sets include anti-extrusion rings that are installed between the V-shaped rings to enhance extrusion resistance and maintain seal integrity.

Pressure compatibility: They are available in different designs and materials to handle varying pressure ranges, ensuring suitable sealing performance for specific applications.

Temperature and chemical resistance:Chevron packing sets are often designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and exhibit resistance to various chemicals, enhancing their durability and reliability.

Customizable options:Depending on the application requirements, chevron packing sets can be customized in terms of size, material composition, and number of rings to achieve optimal sealing performance.

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